Fifth person charged in kidnapping and murder of MP Paulwell’s daughter and her mother

A fifth person has been charged in relation to the kidnapping and murder of Member of Parliament Phillip Paulwell’s daughter Sarayah and her mother Toshyna Patterson.

Bjon Black was charged on January 12.

He appeared before justice dale palmer in the home circuit court last Wednesday, January 17, on a voluntary bill of indictment proffered by the office of the director of public prosecutions.

A statement from the DPP outlined that black is facing 8 counts of conspiracy to kidnap, conspiracy to murder, kidnapping, and murder, relating to both ms Patterson and her daughter.

Black will eventually be joined on a case indictment involving 2 other accused persons, Leoda Bradshaw and Roland Balfour.

The matter will next be heard on February 9, in the home circuit court.

On that date, the crown will give the court an update on the state of the file, while black is expected to advise the court on whether his legal representation has been settled.

Reports are that last September, Patterson and her daughter were kidnapped and murdered.

Following investigations, 4 persons were arrested and charged; they are Richard Brown, Roshane Miller, Roland Malfour and the lone woman, Leoda Bradshaw, who also shares a child with Phillip Paulwell.

A month later, Brown pleaded guilty to kidnapping and murder was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment; while miller pleaded guilty to conspiracy to kidnap and accessory before the fact to murder and was sentenced to 7 years and 10 months imprisonment

The other 2 accused, Bradshaw and Balfour, are still before the Home Circuit Court.

Balfour is charged with accessory before the fact to kidnapping and accessory before the fact to murder, while Bradshaw is charged with capital murder and conspiracy to kidnap.

In the meantime, the fifth person, Bjon Black, is facing a separate set of charges relating firearm offences.

The statement from the DPP said last December, Black was charged by the police for possession of a prohibited weapon, unauthorized possession of ammunition, and dealing in prohibited weapon.

He appeared before the High Court Division of the gun court, on Tuesday.

Black will return to court on February 13 to answer to the gun charges.

It is expected that his legal representation will be settled by then.


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