Fifa World Cup organizers in Qatar bracing for congested roads

Fifa World Cup organizers in Qatar are bracing for congested roads during the world cup and warn that managing four soccer games a day in Doha will be a challenge, but says they are up to the task. 

A central innovation organizers promised for Qatar’s world cup is that fans can take in multiple matches in a single day in the smallest country to host the global showpiece event. 

Qatar is expecting an unprecedented 1.2 million visitors during the month-long tournament, more than a third of the Gulf Arab state’s population of about 3 million.

To reduce congestion, fans are being urged to travel early to matches with multiple people in the same car. In addition, Qatar has ordered schools to close and 80 percent of government employees to work from home. 

During the first two weeks of the tournament there will be four matches each day. 

During the fifa world Qatar will operate more than 3,100 buses during the tournament, nearly quadrupling the number of buses in the country, which is approximately the size of Jamaica. 

Additionally, 3,000 taxis and 11,500 ubers will be available as 25 percent more trains operating at 21 hours per day during the month-long tournament which kicks off on November 20.


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