FIFA President Gianni Infantino appeals for equal pay in the Men’s and Women’s Football

FIFA President Gianni Infantino is of the opinion that equal pay at the men’s and Women’s World Cups would only be a “symbol” that would not “solve anything” if additional development targets for the women’s game are not achieved.

On Sunday, England will play Spain in the final for their share of an increased prize pot of U.S 110 million dollars…more than three times than what was on offer for the 2019 tournament in France, but still significantly less than the $440 million dollars awarded at the 2022 men’s competition in Qatar.

The winner of this year’s women’s World Cup  will pocket 4.2 million dollars, with the runner-up taking home 3 million and  2.6 million going to the team in 3rd and 2.4 million to the 4th place finisher. 

Speaking ahead of the closure of the tournament on the weekend, the FIFA boss says equal pay is achievable.

The final will be contested on Sunday where England faces Spain.


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