FBI to provide assistance to help probe missing funds belonging to Usian Bolt and other Investors

The  Federal  Bureau  of  investigation,  the FBI will  be  providing  assistance   to  the  Financial Investigation Division  and  fraud  squad  as  the  probe  deepens  in  the  multimillion  dollar  fraud case at  Stocks  and  Securities  Limited, where  Jamaica’s  Track  and Field  icon  Usain Bolt  was  defrauded  just  under  13  million  U.S. dollars.

The  announcement  was  made  this  afternoon  by  finance  Minister   Dr. Nigel  Clarke.

The  Finance  Minister  also  revealed  the  names  of  the  new  board  members  of  the  FSC as  they seek  to   move  forward in  getting  to  the  fraudsters  

Dr  Clarke  who  also  indicated  that  the   fraudulent  acts  at  SSL has  tarnished  Jamaica’s global  reputation  also  revealed  that  the  head  of  the   Financial  Services  Commission  Everton  Mcfarlene who  resigned  last  week did  not  do  so  voluntarily  but  was  pushed.

Eight  times  Olympic  Champion  Bolt  is  among  over  30  clients  defrauded  at SSL  of  millions in the  region  of  3  billion  dollars.

Last week, the head of the Financial Services Commission, Everton Mcfarlane submitted his resignation, after the commission came under scrutiny over its oversight of SSL. 

Dr Clarke lamented that the massive fraud has tarnished Jamaica’s global reputation.

He noted that the fraud spanned three administrations and went undetected for 13 years, while pledging that his government will get to the bottom of it.

The Finance Minister says the terms of the resignation of Mcfarlane will be disclosed soon, likely tomorrow. it was “agreed” that he would step down Over the SSL matter. McFarlane’s contract was slated to end in July this year.



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