Farmers concerned over lack of animal feed

Concern is growing among poultry and livestock farmers across the island, who say they are running out of feed for their animals.


This, amidst a major shortage of the commodity across the country.


On Friday, the Agriculture Ministry assured that the matter would have been resolved at the weekend, but farmers are still facing difficulties sourcing feed.


One poultry farmer, Clifton Grant, from Grange Hill, Westmoreland, has lamented the lack of information available to the concerned farmers.


He said he and other farmers in his region have been using alternatives.



Mr. Grant noted that farmers are concerned that they could lose their livestock if the issue is not addressed soon.


He said the two main companies that supply the commodity, have not been responsive to queries.



Meanwhile, livestock farmers are facing a similar situation procuring bagged feed for their animals.


St. Ann farmer, Neil Shand, says he too has had to turn to alternatives to ensure that the small amount of feed he has for his goats, does not run out.



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