Farmer charged with buggery of a 4-y-o relative remanded

The St Elizabeth farmer charged with buggery of a 4-year-old relative, was remanded when he appeared in the St Elizabeth parish court, in Santa Cruz on Wednesday.

The 26-year-old farmer, is to return to court on September 11.

Reacting to the incident that occurred on Saturday, July 22, police say the well-being of the affected child remains a top priority and that counselling has been arranged to provide support and assistance during this difficult time.

The Community Safety and Security officers have also extended their services to offer additional support to the affected community.

Meantime, there have been 14 cases of sexual assault this year compared to 13 last year

Head of the St Elizabeth police acting Superintendent Coleridge Minto is imploring parents and guardians to be vigilant and report cases of rape and sexual assault to the police.

He warned that the police will not relent in their efforts to arrest persons who prey on children.


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