Family members of deceased disappointed by removal of death penalty in Rushane Barnett case

Family members of the 5 persons, who were brutally slain in June, say they are disappointed with Thursday’s sentencing hearing.

The relatives said they were hoping for the death penalty in the case. The DPP removed the death penalty as an option , noting that Rushane Barnett had pleaded guilty.

The relatives also said they are disappointed that the handing down of the sentence is now scheduled for October 20, as this has further dragged out the case, making it more unbearable.

Gwendolyn Mcknight, mother of Kemisha Wright and grandmother to her four children said she is utterly shocked with Barnett’s attorney, Tamika Harris, has asked for less time before he is eligible for parole .

And while Director of Public Prosecutions, Paula Llewellyn suggested a life sentence for each charge, with eligibility for parole after 60 years and 9 months, Ms. Mcknight said this is still not sufficient, as the murders were absolutely brutal and significantly impacted her and her family.



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