Every player at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup will be paid at least US $30.000

Every player at the upcoming FIFA women’s world cup will be paid at least thirty thousand us dollars by FIFA, and the 23 players in the title-winning team will each pocket $270,000.

The details confirmed yesterday by FIFA, fulfills a promise made in march to financially reward the 732 players taking part in the July 20 to August 20 tournament hosted by Australia and New Zealand.

It means more than half of  FIFA’s total prize money fund of $110 million must be paid to the players in the 32 team squads.

FIFA will pay 10.5million dollars to the title-winning nation and the majority of that, $6.21million dollars in total, will be distributed among the players with the remaining $4.29 million going to the federation.

Players from the 16 teams that do not advance from the group stage are still guaranteed to get $30,000,  more than the annual salary many get from their clubs.

The 110 million dollars pool is more than three times the 30 million dollars prize fund FIFA paid out at the 2019 Women’s World Cup in France.



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