Event promoters in Portland urged to demand receipts when purchasing animal products, as lawmen clamp down on praedial larceny in the parish

Promoters in Portland are being urged to demand receipts when purchasing animal products for their social events.

This, as the police prepare to step up their efforts against praedial larceny in the parish.

Head of the Portland police, Superintendent Lloyd Darby says his team has increased their presence in various communities and will implement several initiatives to reduce theft.

Noting that promoters usually purchase meat for their events, Superintendent Darby says checks will be made to ensure that the products bought are not of illegal origin.

Meanwhile, Superintendent Darby is encouraging farmers to make timely reports of thefts of their livestock.

He explains that too many farmers are making late reports, which hamper the ability of the police to apprehend perpetrators.

The Head of the Praedial Larceny Prevention Unit, Superintendent Oral Pascoe says the timely reporting of livestock theft helps to prevent the transfer of illegal animals between parishes.


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