Erriyon Knighton cleared to compete at US Olympic trials

World Championship 200 metres silver and bronze medallist American Erriyon Knighton, has been cleared to compete at the US Olympic trials.

Knighton tested positive for a banned substance earlier this year but was subsequently cleared after an independent arbitrator ruled that the substance was more likely than not …………….ingested through contaminated meat.

The 20-year-old sprints star, tested positive for a metabolite of Trenbolone during an out-of-competition drug test on March 26, this year .

Knighton was provisionally suspended by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) on April 12 .

After a full evidentiary hearing on June 14 and 16, which involved knighton, usada and witnesses, an independent arbitrator determined that the US athlete would receive a “no fault” violation.

This meant that his provisional suspension was immediately lifted and he is cleared to compete at the upcoming US Olympic trials which begins on Friday .

Both the World Anti Doping Association (WADA) and the Athletics Integrity Unit have a right to appeal the arbitrator’s decision.


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