EOJ says it has completed final count for 150 of 228 divisions

The Electoral Office has indicated that, up to mid-afternoon, it had completed the final count for, 150 divisions, following Monday’s Local Government Election.

The final count for two electoral divisions in the Portmore Municipality mayoral race, were also completed. 

In Monday’s election, candidates contested 228 divisions, as well as the Portmore mayoral seat.

In a statement, the EOJ noted that so far, the Jamaica Labour Party has 75 divisions, while the People’s National Party has 74 divisions.

The PNP has also reclaimed the Portmore Mayorship.

For Clarendon, the EOJ has completed the count for 17 divisions, including Frankfield, Thompson Town, Aenon Town, Chapelton, Mocho, Denbigh, Palmers Cross, and York Town.

So far, of the 22 seats in the Clarendon Municipal Corporation, the JLP has 11, while the PNP has 6.

5 divisions are still being counted.

Over in Kingston and St Andrew, counting has been completed for 24 of the 40 divisions.

So far the JLP has 11 seats, while the PNP has 13.


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