EOJ says 87 divisional seats are now confirmed; 44 for the PNP & 43 for the JLP

The final counting of ballots has been completed for 87 electoral divisions in the February 26 Local Government Election.

The Electoral Office, in an update at midday (February 28), said this represents the counting completed up to last night, February 27.

The latest count indicates that the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has won 43 divisions while the People’s National Party (PNP) won 44.

Among the latest divisions confirmed for the PNP are:

  • Port Maria and Gayle in St. Mary
  • Bensonton, Claremont and Beecher Town in St. Ann
  • Falmouth and Duncans in Trelawny
  • Green Island in Hanover
  • Bethel Town in Westmoreland
  • Brompton and Myersville in St. Elizabeth and
  • Knockpatrick, Johns Hall, Mile Gully, Christiana and Mandeville in Manchester

Meanwhile, the seats confirmed for the JLP in the latest update include:

  • Fairy Hill and St. Margarets Bay in Portland
  • Ocho Rios and Bamboo in St. Ann
  • Warsop in Trelawny
  • Montego Bay Central in St. James
  • Ipswich and Santa Cruz in St. Elizabeth and
  • Thompson Town and Kellits in Clarendon

The final counting continues.

Results are expected this evening.


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