EOJ reports slow voting day for special services; PNP reports problem with ballots

Today’s early voting exercise for the upcoming February 26 local government election has come to a close.

Some 40,000 election workers, police officers and soldiers were registered to cast their ballots between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

This is to ensure that they are available for duty on election day, next Monday.

In providing an update to Irie F M News, the Electoral Office of Jamaica said, ballot boxes are still being transported to its headquarters on Duke Street in Kingston.

The final numbers from voting today will be known tomorrow.

Director of Elections Glasspole Brown said based on assessments the voting day was a slow one.

Meantime, the People’s National Party is reporting that the inability to vote, marred today’s voting exercise, for special service providers.

Election day workers, police and soldiers voted today, to facilitate them being available to work, next Monday, when the general population votes.

PNP General Secretary Dr. Dayton Campbell told Irie F M News, that based on reports, some persons were unable to vote today, because of ballot issues. 


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