EOJ preliminary data indicate JLP won 7 Municipal Corporations, while PNP won 5

The Electoral Office has indicated that based on preliminary results, for the local government election, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has taken 7 parish municipal corporations, while the People’s National Party (PNP) won 5.

Two corporations are tied; these are Kingston and St. Andrew and Clarendon.

Speaking on IRIE FM’s Jamaica’s Choice discussion forum last evening, Director of Elections Glasspole Brown, noted that among those corporations taken by the JLP are Portland and St. James.

While the PNP has Westmoreland and Manchester, among its wins.

He said, aside from a shooting incident in Flanker and a car crash in Catadupa, yesterday’s voting went well.

Brown noted that the voter turnout yesterday was 29.6%, a little below the 2016 figures.

Returning Officers in each constituency will commence the final counting of ballots today, at designated counting centres.

The final count is expected to be done within 3 days.


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