EOJ anticipates completion of final vote count by tomorrow

The country will have to wait until tomorrow to get the results of the final count in the local government election.

Final counting began this morning.

Director of Elections Glaspole Brown told Irie F M News that it’s too early to state result for any division, as counting continues.

Last evening, the EOJ said based on preliminary results, the Jamaica Labour Party was ahead in 7 parish municipal corporations, while the People’s National Party was ahead in 5.

Two other areas are tied.

Mr. Brown said that the political party with the popular vote count will take control of the respective municipal corporation.

This morning, the EOJ indicated that the counting centre for ballots cast in divisions in the St. Andrew East Rural constituency was relocated to headquarters in Kingston.

Mr. Brown explained that due to the tie for the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation and a security assessment of the constituency, a decision was made to relocate.

He said the results of the preliminary count will be uploaded to the EOJ website tomorrow.


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