“Enough is enough” says Holness in response to killing of 2 children in St James

“Enough is enough!”

That was the reaction of Prime Minister Andrew Holness to the shooting deaths of two primary school students yesterday.

The students were among three people shot and killed while they were reportedly aboard a taxi in Salt Spring, St James.

The deceased are 7-year-old Justin Perry, 9-year-old Nahcoliva Smith and 26-year-old labourer Tevin Hayle, all from Salt Spring.

The murders of Justin and Nahcoliva come days after the death of 6-year-old Ariana Salmon who was killed in a drive-by shooting incident in St. Andrew.

In a release this morning Mr Holness said this barbaric and merciless act of terror demonstrates once again that gunmen and gangs are a clear and present threat to the foundations of a free and democratic society.

He said through the wanton use of violence, gangs and gunmen hold entire communities hostage, depriving citizens of their economic livelihood and their rights to move, speak and associate freely in their communities

In the meantime, Education Minister, Fayval Williams said it is a tragic week for her Ministry.

Speaking with IRIE FM news on Monday evening, Mrs Williams described the killings as shocking and tragic.

She called on Jamaicans to desist from harming children.

She also urged citizens with information about the killings to tell the police what they know.

Police say around 5:20 P.M., a taxi dropped off a passenger and picked up Hayle along the Flower Hill main road in Salt Spring.

It was reported that a man alighted from the bushes and opened fire at the vehicle.

The children and Hayle received gun shot wounds to their heads.

They were taken to hospital where they were pronounced dead.


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