Employees of St. Ann based cannabis company facing drug charges

Two employees of a licensed cannabis facility were arrested and charged following the seizure of over six pounds of illegal ganja, in Junction, St. Elizabeth, on Tuesday (November 14).

They are 26-year-old Romario Brown, of Steer Town, and 19-year-old Hadiya Valentine of St. Dacre, both in St. Ann.

The narcotics police say the ganja seized has an estimated street value of over 60,000 JMD.

Reports are that on Tuesday, November 14, at 11:50 AM Brown and Valentine, who are attached to a licensed cannabis facility in St. Ann arrived at a licensed facility in Junction St. Elizabeth, to purchase cannabis on behalf of the dispensary.

However, upon inspection of the designated transport vehicle, cops discovered six pounds of illegal ganja, inside.

As a result, detectives from the Narcotics division were summoned.

Head of the Narcotics Police division, Superintendent Dwight Daley said it appears an attempt was being made to mix the illegal marijuana, with the legal one.

He has urged licensed dispensers to avoid engaging in this dangerous practice.

Brown and Valentine are to appear before the St. Elizabeth parish court to answer to charges of possession of, and dealing in ganja, on December 11.


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