Elderly woman who was suffering from burns after arson attack in Gregory Park, dies

The elderly woman who was left suffering from burns after arsonists set fire to 11 homes in Gregory Park, St. Catherine, has died.

Seventy-two-year-old Naomi Gocul, affectionately known as ‘Miss Sweeney’, had been admitted to hospital for treatment.

She was among more than 40 residents of Walkers Avenue who were left homeless after gunmen torched the homes on the morning of Saturday, August 12.

A taxi driver was killed in the attack.

Speaking with IRIE FM News this afternoon (August 22), Member of Parliament for East Central St. Catherine Alando Terrelonge, said residents were hopeful that Miss Sweeney would have pulled through.

Mr. Terrelonge said Miss Sweeney’s death has shattered the sense of hope that had crept into the community.

He noted that support will be provided for her immediate family members.

Meantime, Mr. Terrelonge indicated that government will be moving to honour Miss Sweeney’s legacy, by naming the rebuilt housing complex in her memory.


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