Elaine Walker Brown appeals for calm in the midst of the Reggae Girls vs JFF Storm

Chairperson of the Jamaica Football Federations ‘s Women’s Committee Elaine Walker -Brown, says the sour off -the- field issues surrounding the reggae girls camp a month before the World Cup is getting out of hand . 

At the same time she said the girls should not be showing the world this type of negativity  currently displayed.

Last Friday the team prepared to travel to Dunn’s river for a team building session, and Walker -Brown a guest on Irie Fm’s call-in sports show what’s the score last night, explained why she did not travel with the team. 


Just last week the  Reggae  Girls  in  their  latest letter to the JFF, expressed dissatisfaction and  concerns which they claimed have resulted  in  sub-par planning, transportation, communication, nutrition and  accessibility   to  proper  resources.

The  girls  add  in  their  letter  that  they  have  showed  up  repeatedly   without  receiving  contractually  agreed  on  compensation .

In pouring out her heart Walker-Brown says the negativity must end immediately. 

Elaine Walker- Brown

The Reggae Girls will leave the island later this week for camp in Amsterdam, before jetting off the World Cup.

They are drawn in Group F’ against France, Brazil and Panama.




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