Elaine Thopmpson-Herah will  miss  out  on  competition this weekend after cancellation of Grenada  Invitational 

The  fastest  woman  alive  Elaine  Thopmpson-Herah    will  miss  out  on  competition  opportunity  this weekend at  the  Grenada  Invitational  at  the  Kirani  James  Stadium   where  she  was  schedule  to  compete  this  weekend  has  been  cancelled  .

The  organisers  in  a  release  late  last  evening  advised  that   the prevailing socio economic challenges  in  Grenada  and  in   the region threw up major challenges  to  their  dream  of  delivering  on an event befitting of a nation proudly celebrating its  50th Anniversary of Independence; and to provide a Paris send-off to   their  Olympic heroes  including  Kirani James, chasing an unprecedented fourth medal.

However despite the best efforts of the board of Directors and the local organising team  the synergy, the enthusiasm, the energy, and the commitment to produce a once-in-a generation event did not materialise, as  the prevailing local and regional economic environment has made it extremely  difficult to get the level of sponsorship and general support needed to pull off  a meet of this magnitude. 

The board of directors  took the  painful decision at a meeting late  last  evening   to cancel the  event , as well as round up, for good, the franchise and brand that is  the  Grenada  invitational.

Following  her  lack-lustre  season  opener  on  Saturday  at  the  Wanda  Diamond  League  meeting  in  Eugene  Oregon, where she finished ninth and last, the former MVP Track Club sprinter will be seeking to make ammends in other events.


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