Eight Jamaican athletes to represent Jamaica at Barbados Open Beach Wrestling Championship

A group of 8 athletes will be leaving the island on Thursday for a tour of Barbados where they will take part in the Barbados Open Beach Wrestling Championship.

The 8-day multi-discipline event gets underway on Friday and goes until Sunday November 19.

The Jamaican delegation which features athletes from three teams……hybrid athletics, ruthless academy and Ocho Rios wrestling club includes coach Kasrie Cassels, team lead Shiaeine Blake, Rashawn Pinnock, Jonathan White, Bojan Dodik, Roberto Williams, Carson Thomas, Theron Rose Green and Tyrece Thompson.

The group following its stop in Barbados will visit Trinidad and Tobago before returning home on November 29. 

The athletes will compete in a variety of disciplines including grappling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, freestyle wrestling, beach wrestling and amateur mixed martial arts.

Participating countries include Cuba, Brazil, United States, Canada, Colombia and Trinidad and Tobago  . 


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