Efforts being made to schedule meeting with residents of Portsea following protest about cell tower

Efforts are being made to schedule a community meeting involving residents of Portsea in St. Elizabeth, government agencies, and telecommunications company flow, following Thursday morning’s protest by irate residents about the erection of a cell tower.

The placard bearing residents, some dressed in white, full body, protective suits, blocked the roadway leading to the cell site, and called for the tower to be removed from the community.

They claimed that were mislead into believing that the site was for a pole, not a cell tower, which they claim would have adverse impacts on their health.

Councillor for the Myersville Division, Layton Smith, has blamed the situation on bad communication between the relevant authorities and the residents.

Mr. Smith said he previously received complaints from residents about the tower and subsequently raised the issue during a meeting of the planning committee of the st. Elizabeth municipal corporation.

He said there is some confusion about a stop order issued by the corporation, as the same corporation had already granted permission to flow to erect the tower, as well as confusion about if a permit had been granted by the national environment and planning agency, (NEPA).

The councillor said the telecommunications company did not adequately discuss the matter with residents prior to the cell site being constructed.

Mr. Smith said attempts are being made to hold a meeting with all parties involved to address the residents’ concerns.


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