Education Ministry urges Oberlin High students to return to school following bizarre incident

The Education Ministry, is seeking to have the resumption of regular classes, at Oberlin High School, in St Andrew, starting on Monday.

Education Minister Fayval Williams, is encouraging parents to send their children back to school.

The call follows what has been described, as a bizzare incident at the school last Wednesday, which affected several students, some of whom fainted, during a devotional exercise.

In a statement last evening, the education minister said, fewer than 100 students of the approximately 1,500 student body, turned up for classes on Thursday and Friday.

She said, teaching and learning took place with those students, and devotions took place, without any eventuality.

Noting that normality has returned to the school, Mrs. Williams urged parents, not to miss the opportunity for their children, to continue with their education.

The ministry said, its regional team, will meet with board representatives from the school; the principal; and student welfare team, to chart the way forward, and to discuss the events, that led to Wednesday’s incident.


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