Education Ministry mourns death of two 16-year-old girls in separate incidents at the weekend

The Ministry of Education and youth has extended condolences to the families and communities affected by the tragic and untimely deaths of two 16-year-old students at the weekend.

Dead are Kimora Williams of Dolphin Street, Bogue Village in St. James and grade 11 student, Tara Dennis, who attended the Little London High school in Westmoreland.

Williams is suspected to have died by suicide, while Dennis was shot and killed at her home early Saturday morning.

The Ministry said these unrelated incidents have cast a sombre shadow over the education community.

In a release, it said it is profoundly saddened by the unfortunate events and expressed sympathy to those grieving.

Concerning Williams who attended the Montego Bay High School for Girls, Minister of Education Fayval Williams said her death has traumatized her family, classmates and the wider school community.

While noting that more information is needed, Mrs. Williams urged school personnel, parents and all who have duty of care for children to be watchful for any early signs of health challenges.

She noted that the Ministry’s Senior Education Officer, social workers, guidance counsellors from Chetwood Primary and Albion Primary schools, the Montego Bay High School for Girls’ board members, as well as the mental health team from the Ministry of Health Western region, have rallied to provide grief counselling and support to the school family.

Meanwhile, in the case of Dennis, who was shot and killed, Ms. Williams said a team from the region 4 office was also dispatched to offer counselling support to the Little London High School and family members.

Mrs. Williams added that as the Ministry mourns the loss of the teens, it remains steadfast in its commitment to ensuring the well-being and safety of students across all the regions.


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