Education Minister reports decline in teacher resignations; says most jobs advertised aren’t permanent 

Education Minister Fayval Williams says over 30% of the advertisements for teachers in the island’s papers are for temporary posts.


This amidst concerns about a looming crisis in the education sector due to mass migration of teachers.


Speaking at a post cabinet press briefing this morning, Minister Williams said that the concern raised about teacher migration is mainly due to the number of teachers on vacation leave.



According to her, statistics show that only 20% of the ads being posted are for permanent posts.



The Minister also noted that despite the concerns, there has been a 43% decline in teacher resignations from January to June this year, in comparison to the similar period last year.



Meantime, Mrs. Williams assured the nation that the measures which were put in place last September to tackle the teacher migration issue, will be used once again, in the upcoming school term.



Among these strategies are the relocation of teachers in overstaffed schools and the over 1,000 new teachers who are to graduate college this year.


Mrs. Williams said there are also some 88 teachers available through the youth scholarship program for teachers, ten in the science teachers programme and approximately 70 from Cuba.


The Minister also highlighted that a job recruitment platform will be created to employ teachers using the virtual space.



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