Education Minister describes conduct of teacher captured on video issuing death threats to student as unprofessional and inexcusable

Education Minister, Fayval Williams has described the conduct of a teacher who was captured on video issuing death threats to a student as unprofessional and inexcusable.


The teacher who is reportedly employed at the Newell High School in St. Elizabeth is seen in the video verbally assaulting, chasing and issuing death threats to a student.


In condemning the action, Minister Williams says such behaviour lowers the professionalism of the teaching sector.


Noting reports that the teacher has behaved in a similar manner previously, Minister Williams says this inexcusable act, cannot be defended.

Meantime, the Minister says in accordance with the 48 hours required by current regulations for notice to members, the Chairman of the school’s board has called an emergency meeting for tomorrow to address the conduct of the teacher.

Mrs. Williams also notes that there will be counselling sessions for students.

The teacher will also receive counselling.


The videos have been referred to the office of the children’s advocate and the commissioner of police for investigation.


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