Earthquake Unit says 5.6 magnitude quake was the strongest felt in Jamaica in 67 years

The Earthquake Unit says this morning’s quake was the strongest felt in the country, since 1957, sixty-seven years ago. That quake impacted western Jamaica.

Many Jamaicans however will compare this morning’s 5.6 magnitude tremor to the 5.4 quake felt 31 years ago in 1993, as they did not experience the 1957 quake.

Scientific officer at the earthquake unit Karleen Black says the effects of the quake would have been startling to residents.

The moderate earthquake occurred at 10:57 AM, with the epicentre located approximately 10 kilometres south of Buff Bay, Portland.

It had a focal depth of 18 kilometres and was felt in several parishes.

And two aftershocks were felt at 12:26 and 2:33 PM.

The first was located approximately 3 kilometres south of Hope Bay, Portland with a magnitude of 3.7 and a focal depth of 14 kilometres. The effects were felt mainly in eastern Jamaica.

The epicentre of the second was located approximately 5 kilometres southwest Port Antonio, Portland. That had a magnitude of 4.1.

Miss Black says aftershocks which are smaller earthquakes, could be felt into tomorrow.


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