Dramatic scenes at Queens School as student climbs roof

There were dramatic scenes at the Queens School, an all girls institution in St Andrew, on Tuesday afternoon, after one of the students climbed on top of one of the buildings.

The fire brigade and police were called to the scene, as efforts were made to get her off the roof.

Pictures and videos of a student in school attire on top of the roof have been circulating on social media.

The student who came down after some time, is reportedly being counselled.

Reports have also emerged that fights also broke out at the school on Tuesday.

Head of the St. Andrew North Police, Superintendent Sherika Service, told Irie Fm News that some level of normality was restored at the school, and that the situation is being monitored.

The school is yet to release a statement on the incidents.

Meantime, some students from the queens high schools for girls, have noted that they want to be transferred from the institution, following a number of incidents at the school, on Tuesday.

The students said they have been left traumatized by the events.

When Irie Fm news visited the institution this afternoon, scores of commuters, reporters and concerned persons, had gathered outside the gate, attempting to get information about what happened.

Some parents who turned up at the school to pick up their children, said they were unaware of today’s incidents.


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