Dr. Dixon: HEART NSTA CARE & TOOLS programmes indicative of a caring government  

Minister of skills and digital transformation, Senator Dr. Dana Morris Dixon has pointed out that HEART NSTA CARE and Tools initiatives are indicative of the government responding to citizens’ concerns and needs.

The HEART NSTA Trust will this year launch the Community Action for Rewarding Engagement (CARE) initiative, aimed at reaching young people who are unemployed or not enrolled in a training programme.

Participants will get $15,000 a month for transportation as well as $13,000 a week for lunch.

And, commencing April 1, successful graduates of level 4 trade programmes at the HEART NSTA Trust will receive a grant of $50,000 to help them acquire the tools of their trade.

Graduates who are beneficiaries of the Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education (PATH) and wards of the state, will receive a larger grant of $75,000.

The initiatives were announced by Prime Minister Andrew Holness during his budget debate presentation.

Speaking at the Poor Relief Department / Board of Supervision awards ceremony yesterday, Dr. Dixon noted that the government is always listening to the people and crafting programmes to assist.

She stressed that the government is a caring one. 

Dr. Dixon added that through these programmes, young people will have access to better opportunities and no longer need to claim that ‘nuttin naw gwaan’.


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