Dr Crooks happy he helped in preservation of Roaring River water wheel in Mammee Bay

Former Chairman of the St. Ann / St. Mary Tourism Advisory Board, the late Dr. Roosevelt Crooks was satisfied that his efforts to preserve the old Roaring River water wheel in Mammee Bay, St. Ann were successful.


This after Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett said the ministry, through the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCO) has been undertaking beautification works in St. Ann and one of the projects was the old Roaring River water wheel, in Mammee Bay.


An official unveiling ceremony is expected to be held later this year.


Years ago, when construction work began on the north south highway project, Dr. Crooks¬† led protests at the Roaring River water wheel in Mammee Bay, calling on the relevant authorities to protect it from destruction, citing the wheel’s significance to heritage tourism.


Speaking with Irie F M News earlier this month, Dr. Crooks expressed pleasure that part of his legacy and contribution to tourism in St. Ann is the preservation of the historical monument.



Dr. Crooks died last evening after a period of illness.



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