DPP to seek death penalty in Nikita Noel murder case

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Paula Llewellyn will be seeking the death penalty in the case of 9-year-old Nikita Noel, who was allegedly raped and murdered by her step father in Hanover.


Omar Green is charged for the offences of murder in the course or furtherance of rape and rape.


The girl was killed on the afternoon of February 1, reportedly following an argument with the mother of the deceased and the accused.


In a release today, the office of the DPP, said having carefully considered the allegations, and the public interest, it entered a nolle prosequi in the Hanover parish court today, thereby discontinuing the matter in the parish court and shortly thereafter preferring a voluntary bill of indictment against green in the Hanover circuit court.


This means the case will continue in the circuit court.


The DPP said crown counsel on her instructions also filed a death penalty notice in the Hanover circuit court.


A copy of the notice was served on the accused when he made his appearance today in court.


The offences against the person act allow for the death penalty to be applied in the cases of persons who are convicted for murder in the course or furtherance of rape.


The act also prescribes that the death penalty will not be imposed unless prior notice is given to the accused person.


As such, the DPP noted that it was deemed appropriate by her office for the death penalty notice to be prepared and served on the accused today.


She said this is to ensure that at the earliest opportunity, the accused is made aware of the intention of the prosecuting authority to make the recommendations that the death penalty is an option for the sentencing judge.


The rape and murder of Nikita was investigated by the Hanover police.


The accused has been granted legal aid and is being represented by attorney-at-law Albert Morgan.


He will appear in the circuit court on Monday, July 3, 2023, at which time a psychiatric evaluation report is to be submitted on his behalf.


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