DPP to appeal man’s life sentence for possession of prohibited weapon; calls sentence a nullity

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) has signalled its intention to appeal the life sentence handed down to a man for the possession of a prohibited weapon last month.

In what was described as a significant development in the fight against illegal arms, 26-year-old Atlee Murray was sentenced, with the possibility of parole, after 15 years.

He also received a nine-year sentence for unauthorized possession of ammunition.

However, in a release this afternoon, the ODPP explained that upon examination of the Firearms Act, the minimum sentence that the accused could have received for possessing a prohibited weapon was 15 years imprisonment, while the maximum sentence was 25 years imprisonment. He would be eligible for parole after serving a minimum period of 10 years imprisonment.

For the unauthorized possession of ammunition, the ODPP said Murry could only be sentenced to life imprisonment with the stipulation that he serves a minimum of 15 years imprisonment before being eligible for parole.

The DPP’s office, therefore said, the accused’s sentence for possession of prohibited weapon exceeded that which the Act provided for, while his sentence for unauthorized possession of ammunition was below that which could be imposed.

The DPP’s Office said these sentences, are therefore, a nullity.

As a result, the DPP’s office said it has decided to file an appeal of the imposed sentences in the interest of justice.


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