Discovery Bay All Age mourns loss of teacher

Students and staff at the Discovery Bay All-Age and Infant school, in St. Ann, are in a sombre mood this morning, as they mourn the loss of one of their members.


Delores McFarlane, a teacher at the institution passed away at the weekend.


Speaking during an IRIE FM interview at the school this morning, principal Mercella Shaw-Bryan, said Mrs. McFarlane dedicated over a decade to the institution.


Mrs. Shaw-Bryan said, she played a key role in the lives of both students and staff.



She also noted that some students close to Mrs. McFarlane are emotional about her death.



Meantime, President of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association, Winston Smith said, the nation’s educators are suffering, as they struggle to carry out their duties, in unfavorable conditions.


Speaking during a visit to the Discovery Bay All-Age and Infant school, in St. Ann this morning, Mr. Smith lamented that teachers are unable to get their leave in a timely manner.


He said the government and relevant stakeholders must do what is necessary to ensure teachers are given the rest and peace of mind they need to effectively carry out their duties.



He noted that although teachers have a responsibility to the nation’s children, they must not forget to take care of themselves.






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