Dennis Meadows withdraws statement about ‘Choppas’

People’s National Party, (PNP), member Dennis Meadows has withdrawn the statements he made which were perceived to be endorsing individuals engaged in scamming.

In a video circulating on social media, Mr. Meadows was heard making utterances relating to having no issues with “Choppas.”

A “Choppa” is a colloquial term used to refer to persons engaged in lottery scamming and other fraudulent activities.

In a press release today, Mr. Meadows said the excerpts of the comments he made on the final leg of the Local Government campaign, does not reflect his true stance on criminal activities, particularly lottery scamming.

He withdrew the remarks, while stating that he condemns any form of fraud and criminal behaviour .

Mr Meadows said his statements were a thoughtless and unwise response to the deluge of money that was allegedly being spent in the Trelawny campaign by the PNP’s opponents.

Mr. Meadows said he is fully committed to upholding the law and collaborating with law enforcement authorities to prevent crime in all its manifestations.

The MP aspirant apologized to the Jamaican people, party leader Mark Golding, the PNP leadership, and supporters in North Trelawny, while pledging to exercise greater responsibility moving forward.

Meadows resigned from the JLP in March 2022 and joined the PNP in October the same year.


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