Denham Town residents demand justice for man fatally shot in confrontation; police claim man was involved in a robbery

Upset residents of Denham Town, Kingston, are demanding justice for a man they describe as ‘a law abiding, working class, innocent man.

They say 34-year-old Nicholas Miller, a bearer of North Street, was fatally shot allegedly by the security forces, while protecting some children.

The residents staged a protest today calling for the police officers involved to be punished.

They used debris to block sections of the roadway, which were later cleared.

The protesting residents denied that miller confronted the police.

They said the fatal shooting was uncalled for, and demanded changes in how the police interact with citizens.

Meantime, the Kingston West police are reporting that the man who was fatally shot in Denham Town, was among a group of about 4 men who carried out a robbery and engaged the cops in a gun battle.

Commanding officer of the division, Senior Superintendent Michael Phipps said after the shoot-out, the police recovered the motor car used in the robbery, and the stolen items.

SSP Phipps acknowledged the claims of the upset residents and urged them to await the outcome of the probe by INDECOM.

He pointed out that at the time of his death, Miller was before the court on a murder charge. 


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