Denham Town residents block North Street main road to protest fatal shooting of community member by police

The North Street main road in Downtown Kingston, which was blocked by protesting Denham Town residents this morning (September 7) has been cleared by the security forces.

The residents took to the streets and mounted debris to register their anger over the killing of one of their community members by the police yesterday.

Dead is 34-year-old Nicholas Miller, a bearer of North Street, Kingston 14.

Miller was reportedly killed during a confrontation with the police at the intersection of Nelson and Wellington streets at about 5:45 pm.

The protesting residents are denying that Miller confronted the police. They claim he was trying to protect two children at the time he was shot.

Meantime, in an update from the Constabulary’s Information Unit, the police said traffic can now move freely along North Street and the demonstrators have been brought under control.


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