Demarco urges fellow entertainers to stop promote violence through music

Dancehall artiste Demarco is taking accountability for his role in creating songs that promotes murder and gun violence.

On the weekend, the Dancehall entertainer used his social media account to express his feelings. On Instagram, he wrote, “I wish every Dancehall artist including myself will stop singing killing and gun songs.”

In the caption, Demarco followed up with, “Let’s stop promoting killing each other and promote making money together.”

Sean Paul, I-Octane, Gramps Morgan, Munga Honorable giving Demarco a stamp of approval.

In the comment section, Sean Paul wrote, “Same way so G. We are what we pre.”

“Been screaming this for years now thank you bredda for speaking”, wrote Gramps Morgan.

I-Octane wrote, “Real talk.” While Munga Honourable dropped four applause emojis.

Demarco on Monday (Nov 7) followed up with another post stating, “If a song like (I Love My Life) can inspire people and help them change their life for better. A gun song can inspire and insight violence by adding fuel to fire.”

Recently, the Broadcasting Commission imposed a ban on songs that glorify or promote criminal activity, violence, drug use (molly), scamming, and weapons across all radio and television stations.


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