Demarco has the advantage in ongoing lyrical battle with Fully Bad and Kyodi

Online users have declared that Dancehall deejay Demarco has the lead in an ongoing lyrical battle involving entertainers Fully Bad and Kyodi.

On November 1, via his verified Instagram account, Demarco issued a challenge for a musical clash, stating that it’s time to exercise his lyrical skills; and Fully Bad and Kyodi bite the bait.

Fully Bad who has since released two songs, was the first to take a jab followed by Kyodi who made one attempt, but the two encountered difficulty from a prepared Demarco, who was eager to showcase his lyrical prowess.

Entertainers Konshens, I-Octane, Teejay, Mr. Vegas, Kemar Highcon and Red Rat are among the many social media users who find the ongoing lyrical saga amusing.

Many online users have since declared Demarco as the front runner.


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