DelomarRDX initiates support for disabled man

Musician Delomar, formerly of the Dancehall duo RDX, says he recently took a break from working on his upcoming album for a worthy cause.

In an Instagram post on Sunday May 19, the singjay published a video featuring a disabled St. Catherine man Leco Bradford whom he said reached out to him for help via TikTok while he was doing promotions.

As a caption for the video, Delomar wrote in part, that the story behind Mr. Bradford’s fight to survive brought him to tears and he hoped that in sharing the video, it would inspire other persons to offer assistance in any way possible.

The published video summarises the artiste shopping for food items and care products plus a visit to the man’s residence, which allowed him to partially share his story , highlighting the need for financial assistance and adult diapers.

Delomar, says he will continue to assist Mr Bradford from time to time but will do so privately reiterating that this video was captured solely to garner attention and subsequent support for Mr. Bradford. Persons wishing to assist Mr. Bradford can visit Delomar’s Instagram @ delomar.rdx for more information.

Meanwhile, the singjay shared that the first track, titled “Bare Gyal Want We” featuring Harry Toddler from his upcoming album, Gyaliday-The Gyalbum is now available on all platforms. 


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