DCP Fitz Bailey says primary school teacher Danielle Anglin, was likely killed on the same day she went missing

It is believed that primary school teacher, Danielle Anglin, was likely killed on the same day that she went missing.

This, according to the Head of the country’s Crime Portfolio, Deputy Commissioner of Police, DCP Fitz Bailey.

Remains believed to be those of 29-year-old Anglin were discovered in Salt River, Clarendon yesterday.

Forensic testing is being undertaken to confirm the identity of the remains, but police say all the evidence points to them belonging to Anglin.

A convicted sexual offender who was deported from Antigua, has reportedly confessed to playing a role in her disappearance.

Responding to questions at a press briefing yesterday, DCP Bailey said the evidence also indicates that Anglin was murdered on May 13.

He said law enforcement is convinced that the right person is in custody in relation to Ms. Anglin’s disappearance and suspected death.

Meantime, DCP Bailey confirmed that the suspect operated a ride share service, while noting that authorities have been facing challenges when investigating cases linked to these services.


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