Dancehall artist TopMann struggling with dad’s sudden death

Dancehall artist TopMann is struggling with the sudden death of his father, Dillon Hines who died in a motor vehicle accident on Thursday (Oct 5).

Music News understands that TopMann’s father, who goes by the artist name Iyahsyte, was travelling to Kingston to perform at an event honouring Leroy Sibbles on October 5, when the unfortunate accident happened.

Reports are that Dillon Hines was killed while several other persons including school children, were injured in the motor vehicle accident along the Long Hill main road in St James on Thursday afternoon.

TopMann’s manager Ricardo Downer, tells Music News that his father was his main inspiration.

Iyahsyte, in his last personal video posted to his official Instagram account five days ago, shows him planting and sharing a message about the mind.

Dillon Hines aka Iyahsyte was 50-years-old. He was a conscious Reggae artist who recorded songs such as “Warning” and ‘Eyes of Jamaica’. Last year he released an album titled ‘Soul Journey’.


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