Customs says Contactless Clearance System remains an option to clients, despite court injunction

Despite a decision by the court to prevent the Jamaica Customs Agency, JCA from implementing a mandatory contactless-clearance-system, on April 2, the agency says, the system will remain as an option to clients.

Customs gave the update last evening, after the court granted an injunction to brokers, who raised concerns about the contactless policy, barring its implementation, pending a review-hearing, set for April 25.

However, the agency said, those who want to use the contactless system, can do so.

In a statement, the customs agency said its physical inspection reform initiative contactless clearance process will remain optional, notwithstanding the previously announced April 2 mandatory implementation date. 

This adjustment is the result of an interim order made in the Supreme Court yesterday, which directed that no change be made to the current regime, pending the determination of certain matters that have been placed before the court.

The JCA said the contactless clearance process remains an option when clearing personal, non-commercial, shipments at the seaports that have a Cost, Insurance, and Freight, CIF value of less than US$5,000.

The agency said it is committed to ensuring that the contactless clearance process is of benefit to all, including importers, agents, warehouse operators, customs brokers and freight forwarders.

It said it will continue to review the programme and engage with stakeholders, to ensure that it is implemented in a manner that continues to safeguard the rights of importers, remains consistent with international best practices, and upholds the agency’s mandate with respect to trade facilitation and border protection. 

The JCA added that it is aware of misinformation in the public domain, regarding the contactless clearance process. 

Therefore, in the coming weeks, it will share information regarding how the process works, how to access it and its benefits. 


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