CPFSA ensures safety of American teen boys pulled from school for troubled teens in St Elizabeth

The Child Protection and Family Services Agency, (CPFSA) says its intervention at the Atlantis Leadership Academy in St. Elizabeth, following allegations of abuse, was to ensure the safety of the eight American teenage boys.

The eight teen who resided at the facility are aged 14 to 18 years.

According to reports from the agency, the allegations came to light during an unannounced welfare check on February 8, which was carried out jointly with representatives from the US Embassy in Kingston.

The CPFSA says during this visit, signs of abuse and neglect were observed, leading to the immediate removal of the teens from the facility for their safety.

The following day, the issue was brought before the local family court in St. Elizabeth.

The court issued an interim order, granting the agency custody of the children, while further investigations take place.

Seven of the teens are now being housed in residential child care facilities.

CEO of the CPFSA , Laurette Adams-Thomas says, they have undergone medical assessments and are in good health and receiving ongoing care.

Mrs Thomas said the 18-year-old, who aged out of the children’s court jurisdiction, was sent back to the United States last month.

Regarding the criminal investigations, Mrs Adam-Thomas said the agency is not allowed to give a comment.

She reinforced that the CPFSA is working in collaboration with international social services to ensure the safe reintegration of the boys with their families.

She added that the case will go back to court on April 3.


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