Court says murder accused Collymore has a case to answer

The Supreme Court has ruled that 41-year-old businessman Omar Collymore and alleged contract killer Michael Adams have a case to answer in relation to the murder of Collymore’s wife.

32-year-old Simone Campbell-Collymore was fatally shot on January 2, 2018, at the entrance to her St. Andrew home.

Taxi driver Winston Corey, who was transporting Mrs. Collymore home at the time of the incident, was also killed.

Justice Leighton Pusey handed down the ruling today in the Home Circuit Court, following no case submissions by defense lawyers.

Dwayne Pink and Shaquila Edwards, charged with the two men, will know on Monday if they have a case to answer.

The judge adjourned the case until Monday, noting that he needed more time to consider the submissions made in respect to Pink and Edwards.

The four men are facing two counts of murder and conspiracy to murder.

The prosecution led evidence at the trial that Collymore was the beneficiary of the deceased’s $21 million insurance policy and 70 per cent beneficiary of her second insurance policy, worth $80 million.


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