Councillors spar over continuously increasing costs of CRH renovations

There is debate over the continuously increasing cost, for the ongoing renovations at the Cornwall Regional Hospital, in St. James.


Initially, over $3 billion had been estimated for the works. This increased to just over $10 billion, and more recently, $14.1 billion.


Additionally, during a tour of the facility on April 1, Prime Minister Andrew Holness suggested that global inflation could further affect the budget for the hospital’s restoration.


However, some St. James councillors have taken issue with the continuously increasing costs.


Councillor for the Granville division, Michael Troupe, in noting the budget increase, said the hospital is not meeting its obligations to the public.


He described the facility as a tenement yard.



Meanwhile Councillor for the Spring Garden division, Dwight Crawford took issue with Mr. Troupe’s comments.


He said, the cost to build a new hospital, would be two or three times more than what is being spent, and that the renovations, will be worth it in the long run.



They were speaking during the recent sitting of the St. James Municipal Corporation.


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