Cop who reportedly raped woman at her home in St Catherine 6 years ago, loses appeal against his conviction

A Police Constable who reportedly raped a woman at her home in Hampton Green, St Catherine, 6 years ago, has lost the appeal against his conviction.

Kevin Taylor had been found guilty of illegal possession of a firearm, assault, rape, grievous sexual assault and buggery.

Reports are that in December 2017, the woman was standing at a gas station waiting for a taxi to go home.

Taylor reportedly offered her a ride, and when she arrived home, he pointed a gun and entered the house with her.

He then reportedly raped her and hit her in the face.

The woman escaped and made a report to a relative who called the police.

When the cops arrived, Taylor was reportedly still at the premises and he was taken into custody.

Taylor denied the charges and claimed that the woman consented.

The matter went to court and Taylor was convicted in 2019, then sentenced to 35 years behind bars.

He later filed an appeal claiming wrongful conviction.

Yesterday, the court of appeal referred to the degradation of the victim, the fact that the offence was premeditated, and Taylor’s duty as a police officer to serve and protect.

In dismissing Taylor’s appeal, the Appellate Court reduced his sentence from 35 to 34 years and ordered that he must serve 20 years imprisonment before being eligible for parole.


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