Convicted gang leader Andre Blackman Bryan and several others sentenced

Convicted leader of the Clansman One Don gang, Andre Blackman Bryan has been sentenced to 39 and a half years in prison.

Some of the other convicted members of the gang were sentenced to serve between 7 and 9 years imprisonment, while the remainder will be sentenced, on Tuesday.

Andre Bryan was convicted for leadership of a criminal organisation and six counts of facilitating the commission of a serious offence by a criminal organisation.

He and his 14 co-accused were found guilty in March.

The others were all found guilty of being part of a criminal organisation.

The sentences were handed down today, at the start of a 2 day sentencing session by Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, in the home circuit court.

In relation to Bryan, Justice Sykes noted that for the various counts of charges faced including murder, the decision was made to have the sentences run consecutively.

Meanwhile, the only female convict, St Thomas based pastor Stephanie Christie will know her fate, on Tuesday.

Justice Sykes began his preamble for Christie on Monday afternoon, but adjourned today’s court session mid way through his presentation.

He noted that based on evidence, christie was an integral member of the gang.


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