Constable among three arrested following seizure of over 500 pounds of ganja in St. Elizabeth

A police constable is among three men taken into custody, following the seizure of a large quantity of ganja in St. Elizabeth yesterday.

The Constabulary says the arrest of the policeman, attached to the marine division was a result of a robust internal narcotics investigation conducted by the Counterterrorism and Organised Crime (CTOC) branch.

Reports are that during a narcotics operation in St. Elizabeth, a grey Toyota Hiace bus with three men aboard was intercepted.

The operation resulted in the discovery of fourteen knitted bags of compressed vegetable matter resembling ganja, suspected to weigh over 500 pounds.

Among those arrested was the constable stationed at the Port Antonio marine division, along with two other males who appear to be Haitian nationals but were without identification.

The constabulary says this arrest underscores the JCF’s relentless pursuit of criminals, regardless of their uniform or position.

It says no one is above the law, and criminals will be pursued wherever they are found.

The JCF adds that there is no room in the force for individuals with criminal intent who display a willingness to compromise the privileged position they occupy as members of the organization.

The JCF says members are held to the highest standards of conduct and integrity, and any breach of these standards will be met with decisive action to preserve the honour and trust bestowed upon the JCF by the public.

As such, it says it makes no apology for the rigorous internal investigations and hold no embarrassment in the efforts to root out criminal behaviour in the force.


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