Conciliatory talks on behalf of Petrojam workers to continue

Conciliatory talks on behalf of unionized staff at Petrojam, are to continue on Wednesday, October 25.

This, following Thursday’s resumption of duties, as part of an agreement between the management and the Union of Clerical Administrative and Supervisory Employees, (UCASE), which represents the workers.

The over 200 workers had called in sick on Wednesday over compensation issues.

The labour ministry says, the conciliatory talks between UCASE and Petrojam’s management will primarily focus on matters related to the structure of salaries, including various salary scales and determination and evaluation of salary rates.

The labour ministry explains, that these discussions will be pivotal in ensuring that both parties collaboratively work towards aligning compensation packages, that reflect the diligence and commitment, of the workforce, while ensuring the financial sustainability of Petrojam.

The agreement also stipulates the maintenance of industrial harmony, meaning there will be no industrial unrest or disruption during the conciliation process.

This is to ensure that operations continue smoothly and that discussions are undertaken in a conducive and peaceful environment.


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