Concerns raised over section of Jamaica Teaching Council Act relating to private lessons and homeschooling activities

Concerns have been raised over a section of the Jamaica Teaching Council (JTC) Act which relates to private lessons and homeschooling activities.


The issues and recommendations were highlighted by Attorney-at-Law Maurice Saunders who represented private tutors and homeschooling parents at yesterday’s (June 30) Sitting of the Joint Select Committee, examining the bill.

He explained that the main issue relates to the proposal in the JTC Act, which brings private extra lessons contractual arrangements and homeschooling under the control of the Education Ministry.


Under the Act, teachers are to be certified.


However, Mr. Saunders believes the requirement for certification for persons who make private arrangements is unnecessary and considers it an over-reach in gaining control of these situations.


According to him, the intention to make teaching more professional is desirable, but he says there are flaws in the Act.

According to Mr. Saunders, it’s widely known and accepted that most of the weaknesses in Jamaica’s education system have been in the Government’s own system and institutions.


He stated that the focus should be placed on fixing those issues.

Mr. Saunders added that private lesson arrangements have worked over the years.



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